Project RBD

Evolution of Red Blue Dimension started in 2015.

The author wanted to point out in an original and playful way the influence of colors on our brain and our thoughts.

The combination of blue and red doesn't occur anywhere in nature and there is no study of how it affects us.


Author's great inspiration has been the book by poet J. W. Goethe Theory of Colours (1810), in which the effects of individual shades of color on humans do not explain scientifically but sensitively.

The Artist

Peter Herel Raabenstein (*1967) is a painter and conceptual artist based in Prague and Amsterdam.

At the age of 33, he left the Czech Republic and lived for 15 years in the Netherlands, where he attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie painting school (classical painting, the history of art and the study of colors).

Other art projects: 

  • Zátiší gallery in Prague

  • Art Therapy: workshops "Become a Painter"

  • "Contemporary Art by Martin Fryc" the book (Czech)

  • Publishing house HereLove